Child Custody

Working in the Children’s Best Interest

Ohio law mandates that child custody determinations be made with the children’s best interest in mind. Rainer tries to arrive at the child custody determination without resorting to litigation, because a trial is hard on the parents as well as the children. Rainer helps his clients work things out through negotiation, mediation, or litigation. Rainer can help you feel comfortable throughout the process.

Terminology and rules of law can be confusing. Rainer will strive to lessen the confusion, so that good decisions can be made. The following summaries may be helpful.

Rule 27 – This is the Franklin County rule that provides a parenting time schedule for the non-custodial parent: every other weekend, every Wednesday evening, and specific holidays. However, the parents can set their own schedule by agreement.

Custody – The Ohio court prefers an outcome that is in the best interest of the child. The factors can include the school district, living conditions, relationships with friends and other siblings, wishes of the child, which parent is more likely to honor the other parent’s visitation schedule, and the mental and physical health of the parents and the child.

Relocation – If one parent requests a major move across the state or out of state, then the typical parenting time may not be practical. The parents can be creative. Communicating by Skype can supplement actual visitation.

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