Dissolution of Marriage

Your Guide Through Dissolution or Divorce

In 2009, there were 38,146 divorces in Ohio, according to the Ohio Department of Health. Most divorces are uncontested – which means that both parties agree to the divorce and to the main decisions, which are:

Where will the children live? Who will have legal and physical custody?

How will the marital property be divided? Will the house be sold or will one party keep it?

How will the debts be divided?

Will there be child support and spousal support (alimony)?

If the two parties cannot agree on these main issues, the couple may end up pursuing their divorce through litigation. This typically takes more time and money. The court may appoint a Guardian ad Litem to represent the children’s best interest. Financial experts may be required.

Rainer E. Steinhoff is a central Ohio divorce and family law attorney who has been practicing since 1992.

Dissolution of Marriage

If both parties can agree on the terms, a dissolution of marriage is efficient. It can be filed by one attorney, or can involve two attorneys if the couple prefers. An attorney may only represent one of the spouses, but the other spouse can proceed without legal representation.

Rainer can work with the couple, or with both parties and an additional attorney, to fine-tune the terms of the dissolution and negotiate an agreement. He can include a mediator in the process if the parents are having trouble coming to an agreement. To speed up the process, a judge can be hired to conduct a short final divorce hearing in the attorney’s office.

If an agreement cannot be reached, one spouse will need to file for divorce.

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