Emotional Abuse

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Many people are involved in abusive relationships. Emotional abuse is often a primary characteristic of such relationships. Frequently, women are the victims of emotional abuse. When a woman is abused in a marriage, her confidence and sense of self-worth can be significantly diminished.

If you have an abusive spouse, there are legal measures you can take to protect your rights. Common examples of abuse include:

  • Husbands who control the finances, including situations in which a wife receives an allowance or is kept in the dark about the family’s finances.
  • Husbands who constantly keep track of their wives’ comings and goings in a controlling and manipulative manner.
  • Husbands who tell their spouses that they will never find anyone else who will love them, making wives feel that they have no choice but to remain in an abusive marriage.

In certain cases, wives are abusive to their husbands. They may use the children as weapons against a husband by telling him that he will never see the children again if he files for divorce, or engage in other abusive behavior.

Help is Available

Fortunately, husbands and wives do have options. Should it become necessary for you to file for divorce, seek a protection order or take other legal actions to protect your rights or your children, you can rely on Rainer Steinhoff in Columbus, Ohio.

Attorney Rainer Steinhoff has been representing clients in divorce and family law matters for more than 20 years. He understands the challenges faced by men and women who are in abusive relationships. He is a strong advocate for his clients, offering compassion, experienced counsel and skilled representation in divorce and other family law matters.

You do not have to face your problems alone. Mr. Steinhoff is ready to put the law to work for you.

From his office in Columbus, Mr. Steinhoff represents clients throughout central Ohio. To schedule a free consultation with Franklin County divorce lawyer Rainer Steinhoff, call 614-507-0663. You may also contact Mr. Steinhoff by email.